Gifts that last


Now that Halloween, dia de los muertos and All Saints Day have passed, we get into my very favorite holiday season—Thanksgiving.

This is when the grandkids come to OUR house, and we feast and play games and make a holy ruckus. 

Because they are with their other grandparents at Christmas, we take the opportunity to give each one a gift, and that’s when the conversation starts.  What will be just the right thing that each one will enjoy and make them feel special?  (And not break the bank—we have seven of these lovely people, after all).

The latest electronic gizmos, colorful plastic thingamajigs and velvety soft sweaters will all pass away—but a child’s dreams are precious—and your ability to encourage them is something that will never be forgotten.  I think this is one reason I was trusted with the message of the Little Book for Big Dreamers—so you could pass it on to your child or grandchild or friend. 

This gift says, “Your dreams matter.” It says, “Bringing a dream to life is not easy—but you can do it.”
It says, “I believe in you.”

May you and your families have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!  Make a holy ruckus!!!

Place your order now for holiday gift-giving.  Quantities are limited, and the next printing is planned for early 2020.

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