Case study of a dream:  Quest Farm

Fat Soul Club received a new manuscript to consider.

A few decades ago some people brought their mentally challenged child to a church.  They asked if there was a Sunday school class where his specific needs could be met. The quick-witted and compassionate response was, “Of course!” and a class was created on the spot.  Fast forward a few years and find at that same church close to 80 challenged children and young people served by 12 teachers.

The original instigators became increasingly concerned as their students grew up. What did their future hold? Who wants to hire the challenged?  With a lot of prayer and a lot of guts, they put skin on their vision. A farm was purchased.  They began to create a place where these lovely ones could live and work and find purpose. The logo?  A hand reaching for a star.  The name?  Quest farm—inspired by the Man of La Mancha song “To dream the impossible dream.”  That farm is still going and still serving and has a story to tell.  As one of the founders said, “We saw a lot of miracles.”

If you are a Fat Soul Club fan—do me a favor and pray for the team to bring this manuscript to life.  We need an editor, and a graphics designer.

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